Achievement award-2020 for Entrepreneurs

top 100 entrepreneurs in india 2020

who can apply?

This is for those who lifted themselves and others through the Entrepreneurial skills

Award Categories

  • Small marginal and medium industries
  • Exports
  • Imports
  • Coffee Industries
  • Agriculture Based Industries
  • Livestock and fisheris
  • Cottage Industry
  • Handicraft
  • Weaving Industries
  • Service Industries
  • Foot based Industries
  • Indstrious Industries
  • Household Goods
  • Textile,leather and accessories
  • Technology based industries
  • Urban industires
  • Franchies
  • Jobs for women at home
  • E-commerce
  • Educational and Employment Training Industries
  • Design and Building Construction
  • Printing
  • Natural Medicine
  • Inventors and other professional who invented things to support human life and those who created opportunities for the same can also apply